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Surgical Design's on-line Intraocular Pressure Transducer monitors all fluid changes within the eye. This component is so advanced that at any given moment during your procedure, you can actually read the IOP of the eye. This IOP maintenance prevents any sudden surges from occurring when lens or cortical material is suddenly pulled through the phaco or I/A tip. At the instant this change occurs, phaco power is momentarily interrupted and the system is vented to a sterile fluid reservoir, thus preventing any anterior chamber movement, i.e., cornea, iris or posterior capsule bounce.

The Sterile Closed System Fluid Vent eliminates introduction of air into the system, creating a highly responsive suction control. By virtue of this Fluid Vent, in conjunction with the surge prevention mechanism, the Ocusystem user may perform phaco or I/A with a lower flow and a higher vacuum limit. This provides for a slow motion effect with an increased level of control, efficiency and safety at the phaco tip.

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