Accessories: Ocutine

Problem Not working.
  1. Make sure that VIT/CUT switch is illuminated. (Ocutine must be On and connected to the unit).
  2. Power must be set at 0.3 or above.
  3. Ocutine main green LED must light and compressor must work.
  4. Plug interconnect cable into the front panel instead of the back panel.
  5. Switch Interconnect cable.
Problem Not cutting.
  1. When pedal depressed, does unit’s pedal indicator follow?
  2. Does yellow LED blink when pedal is depressed?
  3. Set power to maximum.
  4. Check that air tubing does not leak.
  5. Try different Ocutine Hand piece.
  6. Has Ocutine been damaged in shipment? Internal tubing can get loose and there will be no connection to the compressor.
Ocutine Module - PDF   (File will open in new window)

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