Ocusystem Art: Control Panel

Problem Controls don’t work; No lights on Front Panel.
  1. Check power cords to see if all are connected properly.
  2. Make sure main power switch located on the back of the stand is on.
  3. Check to see if fuse is blown (located next to the main power switch on back of machine).
  4. Check to see that Cautery (or Infusion Only) is not selected. This mode will override all other functions.
  5. Check to see if priming is in progress.
  6. If you are using remote, is the remote turned on (when remote is employed, you will see a green light indicator displayed on the upper far right hand corner of the machine front panel).
  7. If using remote and green light is displayed, check batteries in the remote hand piece.
  8. Check to see that ART knob is switched to “ON” position. If this knob is switched to “READ” position, it will override all other functions on the machine.
Problem Vacuum or Flow Rate not correct.
  1. Check to make sure that you are in the correct Auto Setting not Manual.
  2. Check that the ART switch on rear of the console is in the (On) position.
Problem Audio Feedback to High or to Low
  1. Locate Volume Control Knob on rear of unit.
  2. Turn Control Knob to desired level.

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