Ocusystem Art: Phaco Power

Problem No Phaco Power.
  1. Check that the console is set for Phaco and the desired power level is set.
  2. Check that the Phaco plug is secure in the connector in the front panel.
  3. Check for broken wires near the plug and rear end of hand piece.
  4. Check that Phaco tip is tight.
  5. Check that cocoon is loose within the hand piece.
  6. Make sure that the Open Infusion button is not open during Phaco.
  7. Make that the Phaco power light is on when the surgeon goes in to the third position of the foot switch.
Problem Clouding in Anterior Chamber.
  1. Increase flow rate.
Problem Incision Heating.
  1. Make sure size of the incision is correct for phaco tip.
  2. Replace Cobra Sleeve, internal ribs may be worn.
  3. Before starting ultrasound make sure you have flow and tip is not clogged with viscoelastic.
  4. Make sure that the phaco tip is in the center of the incision.

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