Accessories: Uni-set Administration Sets

Problem Insufficient fluid in the lower drip chamber.
  1. Ocusystem ART: turn Off.
    Advantage: On, depress OPEN VALVES switch.
  2. Open Uni-Set package and close the two roller clamps.
  3. Spike the BSS bottle with the Uni-Set and hang from upper I/V pole hook.
  4. Connect the Uni-Set to the multi-lumen fluid line once it is ready to be passed from the sterile field. Attach the Uni-Set and the multi-lumen fluid line to the unit, as indicated on its side panel.
  5. Open the clamp on the green line, squeeze the lower green drip chamber with one hand, close the green line clamp with another hand, release the squeeze on the green drip chamber. Repeat as necessary, until the green chamber fills with at least an inch of BSS fluid: OPEN – SQUEEZE – CLOSE – RELEASE
  6. Squeeze and release the upper clear drip chamber until half is filled with BSS.
  7. Open roller clamps, reflux (clear) line first and allow the BSS to flush the multi-lumen lines including the hand piece.
  8. Ocusystem ART: Turn On, depress PRIME.
    Advantage: depress PRIME.

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