Ocusystem Art: Set-Up

Problem No Irrigation.
  1. Make sure you are using a Vented Administration Set with locks open.
  2. If using a Uni Set follow the package instruction for filling both drip chambers.
  3. Check to make sure lines is not kinked or pinched cutting off the irrigation.
  4. Check that the lines are place in the proper valves and are connected correctly to the hand piece.
Problem Irrigation continues to flow.
  1. Check that the irrigation line is properly seated in the valve.
  2. Check that Foot Switch is not depressed.
  3. Check that the Ready Indicator light is “On” not the Infusion light.
Problem Irrigation leaking from hand piece.
  1. Check connection to rear of hand piece and that the fittings are not deformed.
  2. Check that the internal shell in the hand piece is tight.
  3. If the hand piece is a TF style the O rings in the rear of the hand piece may need replacing by SDC.
Problem No Reflux.
  1. Make sure the lines are primed properly with no air in either the irrigation or the aspiration lines.
  2. Check that the reflux switch is working and the reflux indicator lights on the front panel.
  3. Check that the top valve opens when the reflux switch is depressed.
Problem No Aspiration.
  1. Pinch the aspiration line close to the hand piece. If vacuum rises then the problem is in the hand piece not the console. Check that the lines to the rear of the hand piece are tight.
  2. If the vacuum does not rise when the aspiration line is pinched by the hand piece. Check that the aspiration plug is pushed all the way into the vacuum sensor.
  3. Check that there are no holes in the aspiration line and that there is no air in the line.
  4. Check that the pump is rotating
Problem No Ultrasound.
  1. Phaco hand piece plugged in to unit
  2. Unit is in Phaco mode.
  3. Phaco Tip is tight.

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