Accessories: Tubing Sets

Problem Restricted Flow.
  1. Check bottle height. What type of Administration Set is being used? It must be a vented set!
  2. Check Infusion Sleeves to be sure they are properly adjusted.
  3. Check for air within the line for air lock.
Problem High Bottle keeps running.
  1. Check second valve and make sure infusion clamp is not stuck.
  2. Check if tubing is properly positioned in the top valve and pinch valve closes the tubing.
  3. Check if the reverse light on the front panel is on. (If it is on, reverse pedal may be stuck. Try to unstuck the pedal. If not, pedal needs to be returned for service.
  4. Move the foot pedal power cord (Does moving the power cord, activate and deactivate the reverse light? If so, there is a short in the foot pedal power cord).
  5. Depress the reflux on the inner housing of the foot pedal – make sure the bottom valve is open and closing properly.

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