Advantage: Control Panel

Problem Controls don’t work; No lights on Front Panel.
  1. Check to make sure that you are in the correct Doctor A, B, C, etc.
  2. Check to make sure you are in the correct Mode Phaco, I/A, Vit.
  3. Check to make sure you are in the correct memory setting.
Note: The following steps should be done to set the memory for each memory position, in each mode and for each Doctor.
  1. Power on and select the Doctor, Mode, and Memory position.
  2. Turn the power level to the max power the surgeon wants to use.
  3. If surgeon wants pulse, press the pulse button “ON” and select the rate of pulse desired.
  4. If the surgeon wants Cool Burst press the pulse button two more times and the pulse light will be ON, the pulse rate indicator will not show any numbers and the AUX light will be ON. The Cool Burst Rate will be factory set.
  5. Set the Flow Rate to the highest rate the surgeon wants to use.
  6. Set the Vacuum level to the highest the surgeon wants to use.
  7. If ART is to be used press the ART Input button “ON”. Press and Hold the ART Adjust button and set the proper secondary flow rate by turning the flow rate knob, set the activation point by turning the vacuum knob to the proper level.
  8. If the surgeon wants to use Linear, press the Linear Input button “ON”. Press and Hold the Linear Adjust button, turn the power knob to 10%, turn the flow rate knob to the desired flow rate and turn the vacuum level knob to the desired vacuum level.
  9. Press and Hold the Store button for 5 seconds. This will memorize the setting that you have chosen. To change any of these setting, change the initial setting to your new selection and Press and Hold the Store button. This will change only what you have selected, the rest of the settings will remain the same.
Problem Power interruption to Console.
  1. When power is restored to Console the unit will re-boot (booting takes about 30 seconds).
  2. Unit will always go to Dr. A, Phaco, and Memory position 1. Make sure you set the same memory and mode that was being used prior to the power interruption.

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