Ocusystem Art: Irrigation

Problem Not enough infusion flow; Anterior chamber shallowing.
  1. Are both roller clamps on the administration sets or Uniset open?
  2. Is the green striped silicone tube properly positioned in valve #2?
  3. Is the lower bottle administration set or green Uniset tubing connected to the green striped tubing on the middle valve?
  4. Check bottle height. Bottle should be 30 to 36 inches high, measured from the irrigation drip chamber to the patient eye level. Higher bottle heights may be required with the use of high vacuums and flow rates.
  5. Check that the irrigation sleeve is not to far forward on the phaco tip. This can reduce the amount of flow going in to the eye.
  6. Make sure the incision size is correct for the size of the phaco tip. (2.5 to 2.8mm for mini tips and 2.8 to3.0mm for maxi tips).
  7. Check for leakage and make sure irrigation line is not pinched.
  8. Check to make sure the ART is correctly set and that the ART is “On”.
  9. Is there any leakage of fluid from the rear of the phaco hand piece? – If there is; tighten the metal sleeve shell, change the rear connector.
  10. Re-prime the system and note if fluid is being pulled from the bottles.
Problem Irrigation continues to flow.
  1. Check irrigation line properly seated in valve.
  2. Make sure Surgeon is not depressing the foot switch.
  3. Irrigation will flow for 1 to 2 seconds after the surgeon goes off the foot switch. This is normal.

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