Ocusystem Art: Diagnostic Codes (#1-9)

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Problem Valves don't close
  1. Clean valve using a syringe with warm distilled or sterile water, while simultaneously working the foot pedal. Inject a drop of lubricant into the plunger channel while working the foot pedal.
  2. Power off. Valve #3 can be manually moved by fitting your left index finger under the cover at a 45° angle, feeling a circular flat disc and physically working the valve. This is the most common valve to get stuck, since it is on the bottom and gets hit with the most BSS.
  3. Make sure, that lines are properly placed in the valves.
Problem Pump not running properly
  1. Open the pump lock. Pull exiting end of tubing to give some tension and then close the lock with the other hand.
  2. Is pump tubing cramped? Rearrange it or change.
  3. Are rollers free to turn? If not, lubricate white plastic rollers with lubricant.
  4. Is it SDC pump tubing? Use SDC pump tubing only.
Problem No suction at all
  1. Pump not locked? Lock it.
  2. Pump doesn’t turn? Open to check, than close.
  3. Shaft turns, but rollers don’t? Tighten the rollers to shaft.
  4. Notches on pump tubing? Either: massage pump tubing; pull pump tubing; or change pump tubing.
  5. Aspiration plug not plugged in? Check the O-rings and plug it in.
Problem Clog in Aspiration Path
  1. Check Pressure Transducer. Unplug the aspiration line and read Actual Vacuum should be close to zero.
  2. Check reverse flow. Step on foot pedal to activate reflux switch.
  3. Test: Set flow rate to 12cc/min. Actual Vacuum should be below 100 mmHg. If not, there is a clog, disconnect instrument from asp line, repeat test. If OK, instrument is clogged. If not, aspiration line is clogged.
  4. Clean instrument or line to clear clogs, or change them.
Problem Vacuum is not sufficient
  1. Is aspiration line placed properly in bottom valve?
  2. Does aspiration valve close completely? Try to pinch with fingers in step #7.
  3. Air bubbles in aspiration line? Is priming line dipped in container with water?
  4. Is pump running freely? Inspect pump tubing. Pull exiting end of pump tubing. Change to new one, if worn.
  5. Check O-rings in aspiration plug.
  6. Does pressure transducer show zero when open?
  7. Test: Pinch aspiration line and set the flow rate to 20cc/min. Vacuum should easily reach preset 500 mmHg limit.
Problem ultrasonic Hand Piece
  1. Tip is loose? Tip needs to be tightened using tip protector wrench.
  2. Have tips on all hand pieces been changed lately? Has anything been done to all the hand pieces recently?
  3. Inspect shell and rear connector
  4. Change Cocoon
  5. Cool hand piece down, try again.
  6. Change the hand piece. If problem is occurring with other hand pieces, it may be the Ocusystem problem.
  7. Related: Metallic sound audible? Change O-rings.

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